Release Notes v2.2x: SIS Integration

This release of InterventionWorks includes the much anticipated Student Information System Integration. InterventionWorks can now be integrated with our Data Integration Services to populate your system with staff, students, and rosters, making administration much less time-consuming.


  • The ability to Import Users, Students, Courses, Sections, and Enrollments, thus populating all classrooms with both students and staff.
  • Ability to assign roles in mass on the Import User page.
  • Ability to enable and disable students and staff in mass on the import student and import staff pages.
  • Ability to enable only the classrooms you wish to include.
  • Ability to control the view of classrooms by sections, allowing choice if you would like your teachers to only see their students or all students in a particular top-level course.
  • Ability to run the enrollment feature manually in the UI as well as schedule it automatically.

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