Release Notes v2.049 - Permissions and Text Editors

Here are the latest features, fixes and updates for release v.2049.

  • Text Editor to the Intervention Log form. See video below:

  • Permission for Roles and Users - Control what forms a user or role can view, create, update, or delete using our latest permissions feature. See video below for a demonstration:
  • Read Only mode: In conjunction with the new permission levels, a read only mode has been developed. All student forms will be in read only mode if the form cannot be edited. (This applies to all roles and users for finalized forms). See the Text Editor Video end for a demonstration.

  • The ability to delete a form is now included on all forms including the Intervention Log.
  • The Intervention Level portion of a student form is now only displayed for that specific type of form instead of displaying all of them on unrelated forms. For example, on a Reading Intervention form, at the bottom, only the Reading Intervention Level will display. The Math and Behavioral Intervention Level are not not visible.
    Plan Title
    Intervention Level
  • Fixed an issue with Staff or Parent ids not saving on Form so that they would display after saving.
    • For past forms that are affected by this fix, you must go in and resave the correct user and role in order for it to display correctly. If it has been finalized, you cannot update it without deleting all forms that came after. Rather fix the current one and finalize.

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