What are the new form changes in V2?

In our latest release v 2.0, we have adjusted the form to the feedback we received. We have several smaller changes:
  • The Plan buttons (Cancel, Save Current, Finalize and the New Delete button) are now sticky to the bottom of the screen ans stay in view when scrolling.
  • When saving a plan in either draft or finalized mode a more descriptive message appears in a pop up box explaining what it will be doing.
  • You can also no longer finalize a plan without marking the Intervention as effective or ineffective.
  • An Edit dropdown menu now holds the delete  and end/close features for Goals and Interventions.
  • A new feature allows you to delete the current editable copy of the plan with a pop up that requires you to confirm deletion with the word DELETE.
Watch the following video to see how the new features work.

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