How do I add student accounts in one bulk upload?

Conducting a bulk upload is possible by uploading a CSV file by School or by Classroom. 

  1. Only Admin Users can edit student accounts. 
  2. Click on “Accounts” and choose “Administrator.”
  3. Choose the “Schools” menu item if you want to upload a school or students (you will need the classroom id with this approach). Or choose the "Classrooms" menu item if you want to upload a classroom of students.
  4. Select the school/classroom in which you want to do a bulk upload.
  5. Choose the “Import Students” tab.
  6. Instructions on how to upload a .csv file are found here, along with an example file. Many schools have had success downloading a list of students in this format from their Student Information System (PowerSchool, Infinite Campus…)
  7. Upload the .csv file and click “save”
  8. At this point, all students will be uploaded into the school and you will need to manually select which student groups to assign them to so the correct teacher(s) have access to edit the student accounts as interventions change.

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