InterventionWorks Admin Training

IW Admin Training

Below you will find information and videos on the different parts of InterventionWorks administration. View each section to learn more about administrating InterventionWorks.

The Admin Dashboard

District & Schools

Set-up Framework

Programs, Domains & Tiers and Decision Rules

Classrooms and Groups

Working with Users & Roles & Views

Working with Students

Manual vs Upload vs SIS Integration

InterventionWorks has a variety of ways to get your App set-up. Data can be input manually, uploaded or can be imported through integrations. Data such as Students, Staff/Users, Courses, and enrollments are all part of these processes.

Manual Entry
  1. All items on the Admin Dashboard page can be manually added by visiting their corresponding admin create page and filling in the add form.
  2. Enrollments into classrooms and class groups for both students and staff can be done on the specific classroom or class group page.
  3. Staff and students are assigned a school and/or classroom on the specific persons page. Visit the Student or Access > User page and select an individual to do this type of enrollment.
Uploading Data
  1. Students can be bulk uploaded using the specific school or classroom page that the student will be assigned. Each of these pages have a tab called Import Students with instructions.
  2. Intervention Strategies can also be bulk uploaded on the Plan Library > Intervention Strategies page, using the Import tab.

  1. Students, Staff, Courses, Sections/Groups, and Enrollments can also be automated with our SIS integration.
  2. Each night fresh data will be imported. Students are automatically added and enabled. Staff com into the system, but allow you control over who to enable. Courses and Course Sections also come in, but enabling a course is also in your control.
  3. The Integrations Menu tab will have all the available data available with bulk controls over who is enabled in the system.

Plan Library

Integration Settings


PDF - PowerPoint Slides

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